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To rent

You are looking for a proper accommodation. This is not always as easy as it seems. You will have to go through newspapers to find advertisements. You have to view several properties without knowing if it is suitable. This takes a lot of time. Living Today offers you the opportunity to find accommodation quickly and easily.

Who we are

Living Today
is a mediator in rental accommodations. We deal in Rooms, Apartments, Houses, or Penthouses whatever you prefer. Our scope is the western part of the Netherlands with a special focus on the regions Amsterdam (Amsteland & Schiphol), Gouda, Haarlem (Haarlemmermer), Leiden, Alphen aan den Rijn (Rijnland), Rotterdam (& Rijnmond) and The Hague. As soon as you are registered at Living Today, you can give us a profile with all your search criteria. Based on this we know exactly where you are looking for. We will match your criteria on a daily basis with our offers and we will plan visits to the matching properties. Living Today will guide you through the dense world of rental jurisdiction, we accompany you at your viewings and give you a good idea of rental prices in the area you are looking for. Living Today makes it easier and will help you to find the exact place you are looking for.

The Rental agreement

When you agree with a suitable accommodation, we will make a rental agreement. To be able to make the rental agreement with the landlord you have to hand over a valid identification, passport or drivers-license, and a declaration of employment.

What kind of costs are involved

You can register and you will be added to our database for FREE, and this registration is valid for a full year. In this year you have the benefits which only Living Today can offer. If you find a suitable place at our agency and the agreement has been made, you have to consider paying the first months off rent, one months deposit and one month commission fee (The commission is exclusive VAT ). After that you will fully enjoy your new accommodation.

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