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See a property you like?
When you are interested in one of our properties, you can leave a message online. Due to the number of requests we won't be able to invite everybody for a viewing. To increase your chances we schedule a viewing with no more than 6 people. In case you are invited for a viewing we will call or email to schedule an appointment. In case you are not invited, we will also notify you.

The viewing
At the viewing we will show you the property. We will also discuss the procedure in further detail and will answer any questions that you may have. We never do group vieuwings, which means you get full attention during the your appointment.

If you are still interested in renting the property after the viewing, we will ask you to send additional information about your personal situation. We will treat this information with the highest care and according to the Dutch privacy laws. From the candidates that have reacted, we will pick one candidate tenant. The new tenant will always be notified by telephone, the other candidated will get an email.

Rental agreement
After the approval of your documents we will draw up the rental agreement. We always strive to send this agreement as soon as possible after the announcement. You will receive this agreement, along with the invoices, via email. After we receive the signed agreement, the owner of the property will sign the agreement as well. On the day of the check-in, the signed agreement will be available through our online portal.

After signing the agreement and paying the invoices we will schedule the check-in appointment. At the check-in we will make a report of the state of the property, record the gas, water and electricity meters as well as state the number of keys that we hand over to you. After signing this report we hand you the keys to the new propery so you can enjoy your stay!