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Service today

Service Today is the management and maintenance department of Living Today. Service Todaymanages properties like rooms, apartments, houses, penthouses or any kind off accommodation. Our scope is the western part of the Netherlands with a special focus on the regions Amsterdam (Amstelland & Schiphol), Gouda, Haarlem (Haarlemmermeer), Leiden, Alphen aan den Rijn (Rijnland), Rotterdam (& Rijnmond) and The Hague.


Are you renting an accommodation which is managed by Service Today? Service Today provides all their tenants with all necessary information on the tenant page. Click on TENANT in the orange sub navigation to read more.


No headaches, no more issues with your tenants or no more maintenance complains? Service Todaycan help you with all types of management and maintenance by letting your property. Click on LANDLORD in the orange sub navigation to read more.

Do late rent payments, maintenance complains, long dragging issues with tenants, emptiness or moving abroad temporary sound familiar? Innumerable of reasons to choose for Service Today.Service Today is a managements and maintenance department of Living Today. Service Today offers you the possibility to take over all the responsibility as a landlord and take care of your rental property (properties) or commercial real estate. Service Today will represent your interests direction the tenants and acts as a contact point for your tenants. Thereby you can yourself busy with other matters or quietly enjoy your stay abroad.

Service Today manages for numerous real estate investors and individuals the administrative and technical management of their properties. We manage real estate in the whole Netherlands. The real estates which we manage varies from chambers to apartments, shops to offices, hotels to catering industry objects and family houses to villa's. Our employees are professionals whom deserved their tracks in real estate management, financial administration and technical maintenance. We stand for personal and involved approach both to owners and to tenants. Service Today has also its own maintenance men working which results that technical failures, repairs and maintenance complaints quickly can be solved.

Furthermore Service Today looks after all correspondence which coincides with letting. Taking care of the obligated administrative matters such as: collecting the rent, termination notices, letting again and performing repairs, solve failures and take care of the necessary maintenance. Also when the lease of a property is terminated it will be inspected by us, look if the property is left in good state. When rent delay occurs we will take care of summations in the first place. If necessary we will, with your approve, involve a Court bailiff.

Service Today gladly assists you with all management, maintenances or other questions with council and action. To take care for the management and maintenance of your house or real estate investments special agreements will be made with you, this also applies to the costs. Service Today offers to forms of management.:

  • * Administrative management
  • * Total management

The output of your investment is for us always main point! If you have any further questions or if you want an appointment contact us by phone 0900-0401231 (30ct/min) or mail to You also can contact one of our Living Today offices.