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In search of the right tenant for your rental property? That is not always easy. Living Today is a fast, customer-orientated and professional organisation in rental estate, property management and maintenance. Living Today has specialized itself in letting properties and therefore your accommodation needs to get all the attention which it deserved. Living Today will take all the necessary steps, so you don't worry about the entirely rental process.

Who are we

Our scope is the western part of the Netherlands with a special focus on the regions Amsterdam, Gouda, Haarlem, Leiden, The Hague, Rotterdam-Rijnmond, Rijnland and Noordwijk (bollenstreek) and Utrecht. In association with you we stipulate the search profile of your future tenant. We have a database with many candidates with their own search profile, whom we daily match with your offer. With the potential candidates whom meet with your search profile we will visit your house. We will propose the interested candidates to you, then you can make a definite choice. Further we will check their personal records, make the rental agreement, the in and out check report and finally the transfer of the keys. Our team of enthusiastic and skilled colleagues are ready to start to work for you immediately.

Optional counsel with a personal advise

Before we will rent and/or manage the house, we pass by for a personal knowledge and discus the possibilities for rent and/or the management. In the always changing market we can advise about the rental possibilities, rental prices and the property management. During our meeting we will record some details, measure and take some pictures of the house, so we can make a description and a presentation of the rental property.

Marketing of your property

By our special treatment we are capable to let your property quickly. We do this with the following resources:

  • Matching your property with our database of potential candidates;
  • Offer your property on our internet site:;
  • Show a presentation of your property in the windows of our offices;
  • Direct mailing of offer to all the companies in the region;
  • Presentation of your property on several other housing websites such as: (the national rent site),,,,,,, en;
  • Appling a for rent poster or signboard at your property;
  • Advertisement in newspapers and house magazines;

The rental agreement

We use a standard agreement which is based on the Council of Property Matter. This means that we are able to adapt these by special conditions. Followed by presenting and discuss the agreement with all the parties.

What are the involved costs?

Just for FREE, you do not have to pay any commission fee for the rent service which we provide. But sometimes it happens that we will ask you to consider paying a fee this is when we work together wit a relocation agent, a company which doesn't pay commission fee's or another real estate agent. Off course it always your decision at that moment if you accept this or not. If you found a tenant yourself, then Living Today can make the rental agreement. De do not expect exclusive rights in letting your house. Therefore you remain all the flexibility.

For more information or to make an appointment call Living Today or contact us by e-mail.

You can offer your property also online.