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Gouda - Hoge Gouwe

In 2019, new apartments were realised in the old transformation house of the municipal "Light Factory" on the Hoge Gouwe in Gouda. This whole area has been converted to accomodate housing during several renovation stages. In early days in this monumental building, electricity was generated to power the area. With the conversion from plant to housing, many industrial elements have been kept in the renovation to ensure a perfect blend of old and new. This building is next to the waterworks building, which was also converted to housing back in 2017 (for more information see Nonnenwater).

Within walking distance of both Gouda train station as well as the historic centre of Gouda, with a variety of shops, cafés and restaurants. In addition to that, Gouda is conveniently located in relation to other cities in "The Groene Hart" region (Rotterdam, Den Haag, Zoetermeer, Leiden, Haarlem, Amsterdam en Utrecht).

In total 11 2-room apartments have been realised. There are 2 types of apartments available. Because of the very high ceilings the apartments have a abundance of natural light. The apartments are equipped with a laminated floor. The kitchens are equipped with a cooking top and extractor fans. The bathroom ia equipped with a shower, sink and toilet.

The rental prices are between € 750,- and € 800,-.

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